Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pizza Pals

St Dominic had a fundraising night a Carbones Pizza. This picture pretty much sums up the relationship between Jacob and Minjae. Pizza, sports, video games. These two guys love love to take each other on in NBA2K16. They trash talker each other and laugh and have some really close games. Plus, they share a love of food! A sausage pizza, a plate of nachos, or some buffalo wings don't last very long when these guys are around. I gotta fight for my right to get a bite. It's been neat to have a bigger brother around the house for Jacob to connect with. There was an adjustment period at first and it took Jacob a little while to connect with Minjae. I'm sure with them being so close in age Jacob was anxious about Minjae cutting into his network of relationships. Now, however, they get along really well and I'm sure Jacob will be sad to see Minjae leave in June.

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