Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Minjae and the Ice Bucket

Last week Minjae twisted his ankle at basketball practice. He hobbled around the house for a day before Stephanie took him to the clinic. Minjae was convinced something was broken. Thankfully x-rays confirmed it was just a sprain. One major culture things here...Minjae was blown away by the cost of a doctor visit and x-rays. Medical care is way cheaper in Korea he said. So cheap, that people go to the doctor all the time, for the tiniest of things like a cough.

After visiting the clinic we told Minjae he needed to use the ice bucket to help his ankle heal. He really wants to get better so he can play in an upcoming basketball game. Minjae is shy but he has a quiet competitiveness to him. And he has really grown to love playing hoops. It was hilarious because Minjae didn't think the ice bucket would be a big deal.I filled up a bucket with ice and water and showed him how to soak his foot. The ordeal went a little like this...

Brenton: OK Minjae keep your foot in for 5 minutes.

Minjae: OK this is not a big deal.

Brenton: It is going to hurt but keep it in there.

Minjae: (slipping foot in) Oh, that is cold......(after a few seconds)....oh sure....(9 seconds later)....(pulling foot out of ice)...OH MY GOSH!!!!

Haha. It was hilarious. Stephanie has a great video of the whole thing. Check it out.

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