Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 72 - New Nursery Friend

On Sunday Minjae helped us in the Canvas nursery and he became pals with this little guy, James. Minjae and James sat together for at least 20 minutes listening to the radio and playing with that stuffed cat. They were totally quiet and I almost forgot they were both there. Later that evening Minjae said to me, "I like that guy from church." It was very sweet and nice to see Minjae taking the initiative and engaging with the kids in the nursery.

It was Vikings/Packers rivalry weekend and lots of people at Canvas were wearing jerseys. Andrew had on his Vikings jersey and our friend Bo Bear had on his Packers gear. This was a cute moment of the two of them hanging out together.

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  1. I wish only happy nice and enjoyful things happens to Minjae in this year