Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 60 - Minjae Update

Life has fallen into a pretty good routine as fall has begun to transition into winter. Baseball has given way to basketball and our nights are now spent in the gym instead of at the ball-field. Overall we have been blessed in Minnesota with a very warm fall. Last year on this day there was a few inches of snow covering the ground. Today I did not even wear a jacket.

Life with Minjae has fallen into a routine as well. He continues to be a welcomed addition to the family. We have had some more conversations about life here in America and life in Korea. I'll try and get some pictures on the blog soon. Minjae had a fun time at Halloween and picked out a funny costume for himself.

At school Minjae has made couple good friends. The last couple Saturdays Minjae has spent time with them playing basketball at the YMCA, playing Wii, kicking around the football and eating pizza. "Americans eat a lot of pizza!", Minjae said. He likes pizza so this is fine with him.

Minjae is going to be playing basketball for St Dominic School. A few weeks ago Stephanie gave him some tips on his shooting form. He is doing well and it will be fun to watch him play.

We have been trying to get Minjae to be a bit more active. He has a tendency to gravitate to his iPad. This is not much different than our own kids, so Stephanie and I are trying to put a plan together to keep the kids busy and off screens. We have been playing some family games, going to the Y, and kicking the kids outside to enjoy the nice fall weather before the snow comes.

Last weekend I went pheasant hunting and on Sunday I made pheasant fajitas. Minjae tried the pheasants and liked it. he is still trying a lot of new foods. At Subway he likes to eat a Spicy Italian. His favorite pop is Mountain Dew. And of course, he liked getting all the Halloween candy.

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