Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 72 - New Nursery Friend

On Sunday Minjae helped us in the Canvas nursery and he became pals with this little guy, James. Minjae and James sat together for at least 20 minutes listening to the radio and playing with that stuffed cat. They were totally quiet and I almost forgot they were both there. Later that evening Minjae said to me, "I like that guy from church." It was very sweet and nice to see Minjae taking the initiative and engaging with the kids in the nursery.

It was Vikings/Packers rivalry weekend and lots of people at Canvas were wearing jerseys. Andrew had on his Vikings jersey and our friend Bo Bear had on his Packers gear. This was a cute moment of the two of them hanging out together.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Day 69 - Bowling League

Since Minjae came to live with us we have struggled to find an activity that he really likes and engages in. Don't get me wrong, he does everything we ask him to but he seems quite content to sit around and do nothing sometimes. We have continually encouraged him to try things. So he goes to Youth Group, he is going to play basketball at St. Dominic's, and now he has joined a local bowling league.

Minjae really likes bowling. He also likes hanging out with his friend Ethan who has been in the league for a while. Last night was Minaje's first time at league and he was really happy when I picked him up. I'll try and snap a picture at one of the next few nights he is there.

Day 49 - Halloween Highlights

Minjae had a great time trick-or-treating with a group of his friends from St. Dominic. He was excited about all the candy he collected. He has been snacking on it ever since. After trick-or-treating they all went back to one of the boys house and hung out playing Wii and going in the hot tub.

Minjae picked out this "Walking Taco" costume. Stephanie and the kids suggested a Sriracha bottle but he choose this one instead.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 52 - Time for a Trim

Minjae told Stephanie he needed a hair cut so she brought him in to Great Clips. Everyone was encouraging him to get different hair style but he wasn't too sure he'd like that so he asked for a cut similar to the one he had.

This is the result. I thought it looked a lot the same but Minjae was not happy with it. he kept reaching for his bangs and the were not there. Poor guy. Luckily for him his hair will grow back in no time.

Day 60 - Minjae Update

Life has fallen into a pretty good routine as fall has begun to transition into winter. Baseball has given way to basketball and our nights are now spent in the gym instead of at the ball-field. Overall we have been blessed in Minnesota with a very warm fall. Last year on this day there was a few inches of snow covering the ground. Today I did not even wear a jacket.

Life with Minjae has fallen into a routine as well. He continues to be a welcomed addition to the family. We have had some more conversations about life here in America and life in Korea. I'll try and get some pictures on the blog soon. Minjae had a fun time at Halloween and picked out a funny costume for himself.

At school Minjae has made couple good friends. The last couple Saturdays Minjae has spent time with them playing basketball at the YMCA, playing Wii, kicking around the football and eating pizza. "Americans eat a lot of pizza!", Minjae said. He likes pizza so this is fine with him.

Minjae is going to be playing basketball for St Dominic School. A few weeks ago Stephanie gave him some tips on his shooting form. He is doing well and it will be fun to watch him play.

We have been trying to get Minjae to be a bit more active. He has a tendency to gravitate to his iPad. This is not much different than our own kids, so Stephanie and I are trying to put a plan together to keep the kids busy and off screens. We have been playing some family games, going to the Y, and kicking the kids outside to enjoy the nice fall weather before the snow comes.

Last weekend I went pheasant hunting and on Sunday I made pheasant fajitas. Minjae tried the pheasants and liked it. he is still trying a lot of new foods. At Subway he likes to eat a Spicy Italian. His favorite pop is Mountain Dew. And of course, he liked getting all the Halloween candy.