Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 44 - Volleyball and Korean Pizza

Minjae with a big serve.
On Sunday we had fun as a family at Isabelle's Parent vs. Player volleyball game at St. Dominic School. This is the school where Stephanie teaches and where all the kids attend classes. Minjae jumped into the action and played on the parents team. He said he had watched volleyball before but had never played. He did a good job.

Minjae and Stephanie warming up.
After the game Minjae was also able to enjoy his favorite food - pizza! While we were eating I asked Minjae if they had pizza like Domino's in Korea. I apologized in advance figuring it was a dumb question. He said they do. They even have Domino's and Pizza Hut (you can check of the websites here - Korean Domino's and Korean Pizza Hut). "Same flavor as this?" I asked. Yes he said, it tastes very much the same. I asked about the different Korean pizza varieties and all he said was they have a potato pizza at Domino's in Korea. After looking at the websites it looks like shrimp is another very popular pizza topping.

Isabelle (5th grade) and I after the game.
Andrew (3rd grade) getting ready for action.
Andrew always performing.

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