Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 33 - Chopsticks and Caterpillars

The kids have been enjoying some of the food and snacks that Minjae's mom sent him. They have even tried using chop sticks. They were not real successful. The boys did like putting white rice in some dried seaweed wraps. I have noticed Minjae's enjoyment of American foods is decreasing a little bit. It is getting tougher to find things to put in his lunch box each day. Some things he is turning down now are cheese balls, apple sauce, licorice, pita chips, and fruit cups. I feel bad because I am sure he is hungry after school since he is not eating part of what I send in his bag. Truth be told, my kids send plenty of food back home too so it is not just Minjae.

On a separate note, Stephanie shot this picture of Minjae in the nursery at church last week. We were volunteering and couldn't find him until we discovered he was hiding out on this stretchy tunnel thing, napping with his head on the mat behind him. We called his name and he sat up and said, "Yes?" We all started laughing because he looked like a caterpillar inching across the floor. 

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