Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 30 - The End of Baseball

One thing the boys and I really enjoy is the game of baseball. Both of my sons play and I am their coach. This year was the first year we played baseball during the fall. For the past six Sundays Jacob (12 years old) has played games at 12pm and 4pm in Northfield. Here are some pictures of him and a friend from the team. Last Sunday was his last set of games. It was a lot of fun but we're looking forward to having more free time on the weekend.

Minjae has been drug along to many of the games. Sometimes he walks around or throws a ball against the fence but mostly he just sits on the bleachers behind home plate and watches the game. This would be one of the hard parts about being an exchange student and having to go to all the host families activities. We spend a lot of time at sports and so Minjae spends a lot of time watching sports. He did enjoy the food at the field though. Especially the pulled pork BBQ sandwich from Uncle B's Last Chance BBQ. He also liked chewing on Big League chew bubblegum. My son Andrew was really glad he had someone to hang out with at the field.

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