Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day 29 - Skype, Snacks and New Friends

I talked to Minjae's parents this morning on Skype. It was 9:30am here but 11pm in Korea. Minjae's parents were very kind and friendly. They thanked me for writing this blog. I am glad there is a way for them to follow along, as I can't imagine how hard it must be to have their son away from home for so long. I had to laugh as I saw Minjae's little sister in the background trying to get her head into the screen. That is exactly what my kids do when we use Skype.

Minjae got a box at post office today filled with Korean snacks. Tonight he shared with us and we munched on some banana flavored puffs. They were the same texture as Cheeto puffs but banana flavored. Andrew said he they are good!

Minjae went over to a classmate's house today. He and a couple other boys had a blast playing football, American football and just generally goofing around. They even did some middle school math homework. Minjae's friend's mom told me Minjae was whipping through the problems incredibly fast. All the boys were laughing when I picked them up because they had so much fun. So much fun, actually, that a window was broken by a football! Oops!!

During the car ride home I listened to Minjae's friend Ethan asking him about Korea.

- Do you have a pet? yes
- What is your dog's name? Choco
- What does that mean in English? umm nothing 
- How big is your town? i don't know
- Like Northfield or Minneapolis? like Minneapolis

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