Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 28 - Homecoming Football Game and Punt/Pass/Kick Contest

Friday night was the homecoming football game for Northfield High School. On the practice field before the game there was a Punt, Pass, and Kick competition. Minjae and Jacob both participated. In a PPK competition there are three events. You punt the ball, your pass the ball, and you kick the ball off a tee. Minjae was very good at kicking the ball off the tee. I think he kicked it furthest in his age group.

After the PPK competition we went to the head football coach's house for some pregame chili. Minjae got to meet to some new friends and try a new food. He said the chili was very good. I agree it was. Way to go Mrs. Sullivan! Yum!

After eating we went to watch the American football game. For the first quarter I was explaining to Minjae about football and how to understand the scoreboard. The stands were packed with people and so I also explained what it meant that everyone was there for 'homecoming.' I told Minjae it means "all the former students 'come home' to see there old friends and teachers." Speaking of friends, after the first quarter Minjae ran into some of his friends at the game and he left me to go and hang out with them. I thought it was neat that he was able to connect with other kids and have fun apart from our family.

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