Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 26 - Youth Group and Laughing Fits

Jacob and Minjae have been going to the Center Youth Group (part of CANVAS Church) for the last few weeks. They seem to be having a fun time. Last night they had root beer floats. Actually they were soda floats. A funny thing happened. Jacob told me Minjae was going to make a float but before he did the soda bottle he was going to use got shaken up. Minjae either didn't realize it or didn't know what would happen, because when he unscrewed the top of the bottle soda exploded all over the place. Both of the boys were laughing about it as they recounted the story to me.

It makes me laugh when the boys laugh together. Especially when Minjae gets laughing. He is usually pretty quiet but there are moments when something happens when he really starts laughing. A few nights ago Jacob said something about poop that literally had Minjae rolling around his bed laughing. And just yesterday I was downstairs reading when I heard the boys burst out about something in their bedroom.

It has been said friendship is something that cannot be forced and I agree with that. Therefore I am praying that our kids and Minjae would develop a friendship which would last much longer than our ten month hosting experience. I am hopeful that a cross-cultural bond will form and that they will be friends for a long, long time despite possibly living continents apart.

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