Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 23 - Household Role Reversal

Stephanie told me last week that she thinks Minjae has not quite figured me out yet. Ha! This isn't surprising; people I've known for years would probably say they haven't figured me out yet. Sometimes the confusion is because people can't tell when I am being serious or when I am joking. With Minjae I think it has more to do with my weird schedule and the role I play around the house.

At the Balvin house Stephanie and I flip a lot of the stereotypical roles. I don't really fix things or do house projects, Stephanie does that. I do more of the household chores like dishes, vacuuming and laundry. I also do a lot of food prep and cooking when Stephanie is busy at night.

Stephanie asked Minjae if he cooks at home. He said he does not. His mom does all the cooking he said. He also told us that his family eats out a lot. Stephanie then told Minjae, "Well, you better start cooking if you want something to eat around here!" Minjae laughed and thought that was pretty funny.


  1. Minjae, You should learn cooking as well as English to survie there
    Good Luck
    Uncle Jaehyuk

    1. He is going great! We are so happy to have him.