Friday, October 2, 2015

Day 21 - Minjae the Lumberjack

Tonight Izzy and her friends made a bonfire. Minjae had a great time throwing leaves into the fire. He never figured out how that made extra smoke. The boy next to him in the picture is Alex. He is an adopted boy who is also from Korea and lives down the street. Alex brought an axe from his house and he was teaching people how to split wood with it. Minjae must be a natural born lumberjack because he picked up the skills right away.

Before the fire Izzy, Josie and Minjae were all playing GaGa ball together. This is a popular kids game and it is an outdoor activity that Minjae enjoys.

Tonight Minjae told us his favorite food is pizza. Chips are a favorite snack food. He also likes to read Korea comic stories on his iPad.

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