Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 20 - Let's Get Wild MN Fans!

This morning a very generous friend offered us four tickets to the Minnesota Wild preseason game against the Buffalo Sabres. So, after school, Stephanie brought the boys up to Saint Paul and I met them at the Xcel Energy Centre for the game. It was a great time! The Wild dominated and won the game 6-1. They outshot Buffalo something like 45-10 and there was even a couple fights. It was a fantastic game to watch and an exciting introduction for Minjae to the sport of hockey.

Minjae asked me a couple of times "Why do they fight? Why do they let them fight?" It's funny, and it is actually a really good question. As a hockey player myself I understand how fighting fits into the context of the sport, but I can also understand how it seems so strange to someone who hasn't watched hockey before. Same goes for all the little hacks with the sticks and the grabbing each other every time someone goes near the goalie. 

Each of the boys got to have a snack at the game. Andrew chose ice cream, Jacob went for nachos with jalapeƱos, and Minjae got cheese curds. He dipped them in ketchup (all Balvins do!) and he seemed to really like them. He also liked the nachos Jake let him finish.

After the game Minjae said that he had fun and that he likes hockey. He was really into the game and he would stand up and clap when the Wild scored. I even caught him bobbing his head back and forth to the Wild goal song. 

One highlight of being at the game was getting our faces on the jumbo screen. I had two friends at the game text me that they saw us! I had contacted the Wild earlier today through Twitter and asked if they could do something special for Minjae. They obviously couldn't promise but they did ask where are seats were and told me they would try and get someone over there to get us on the screen. That was a pretty cool thing to do and fantastic follow-up by whoever runs their social media.

Another cool thing the Wild did was give Minjae and Andrew "First Game" certificates and pucks. I found this out after stopping a Wild guest services person and asking her if we could get a tour of the Wild locker room. She said couldn't do that but she gave us these cool certificates and pucks. I meant to only get one for Minjae, but Andrew jumped in right away and said it was his first Wild game also. What a neat thing the Wild are doing for the fans. I was so impressed with the entire experience.

The kids had a lot of fun. Andrew did a great job of staying still in his chair and I enjoyed hanging out with Jacob during the game. It was pretty cute to drive home late after the game and see Andrew asleep in the back seat with his head on the shoulder of his Korean brother. I don't know how he fell asleep to the sound of Jacob and I having a singing party but he managed somehow! :)

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