Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 19 - Mall of America and Chiptole

Minjae told us that he needed to buy some new clothes. I guess that's understandable considering he only brought one suitcase and he's living with us for 10 months!! Stephanie had an appointment at the Apple store at the Mall of America so she brought Minjae and Izzy along with her to do some shopping afterwards.

Minjae said the mall was very big, but he also said it is a lot like a mall in Korea just bigger. Overall I don't think the MOA had too big of an impact on him. But, what did have an impact on him was dinner. Stephanie took him to Chipotle (if there is a Chipotle within 50 miles Stephanie will find it) and he loves it!

Shopping the MOA got to be kind of overwhelming for everyone so they decided to leave and just get everything Minjae needed at Target on the way home. Why does it always seem to come back to Target! Ha.

Added by Stephanie...
One interesting thing about our shopping experience was that he had no opinion on what I asked if he liked. He probably said, yes, a hundred times. He then told me, he doesn't pick his clothes. He wears whatever his parents buy for him, so it was strange for him to have choices, opinions, and options. I had to repeated tell him that he won't hurt my feelings if he doesn't like what I pick since my 3 kids NEVER like what pick. . After that he finally said no to something which I was so thrilled about.

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