Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 10 - Minjae Phone Home

Minjae called his parents on Monday night and they talked for awhile. It was only the second time he's called home. The first time was two days after arriving and he only spoke with them for a couple minutes. Stephanie and I were both surprised they didn't talk longer.

Tuesday night I asked Minjae if he had spoken to his sister and he said no. I asked if he thought she'd be at home digging through his stuff and he said no. Then I asked if she was home crying and missing him, that made him smile big and laugh and say no. Next I asked if he begged Nicole the KoAm coordinator during her visit to "please, please find me a new family" and he really laughed at that and said no.

We are learning to get used to how Minjae sounds when he speaks English. When he says the words "yes" and "no" it sounds kind of forceful. So I'll ask if he likes the dinner and he says "yes" and I am little taken back. Or I'll ask if he understands something and he says "yes" and I worry I may have offended him even though I don't think I have.

It is cool to hear Minjae talk to the kids when we are not around. Yesterday they were having a Nerf gun war and Andrew complained he only had 5 bullets. Then I heard Minjae saw, "Andrew I only have 4 bullets." His comprehension of English is very good.

Food things...
Last night I made grilled cheese and chicken stuffing. Minjae ate it plain at first. Then he saw the boys using ketchup (which they dip grilled cheese in) and Minjae put it on his stuffing. He was also dipping his second grilled cheese in Sriracha sauce, which I like to do also. Nicole warned us to watch out for Minjae being hungry because he may be embarrassed to ask for more food, but I have not seen this at all. Minjae gets his own seconds and last night he asked me to make him another sandwich.

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