Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 8 - Wedding Weekend

It has been an unbelievably busy week since Minjae arrived. It seems like so many days have gone by and like so much has happened. It it hard to believe he has only been with us for 9 days.

Yesterday we spent much of the day in Roseville celebrating my brother's wedding. On Friday I picked up some dress clothes for my boys and for Minjae but they didn't fit so we had to make an emergency stop at Kohl's on the way to the wedding. Jacob's shirt was fresh out of the package and he kept saying, "I look like a businessman dad!" All the kids looked so nice in their shirt and ties. Izzy had a beautiful dress.

It was a very special day for everyone. I'm thinking Minjae was a bit overwhelmed by it all. He met so many people at the wedding reception and he was friendly and gracious with all of them. I'm glad he got to experience a wedding while he is here, especially a wedding for someone so close to our family. I was the ceremony officiant and all my tears were a pretty good indicator of how much I love my brother. The reception was also a great way for Minjae to meet all of my family, so future gatherings will be more familiar for everyone. Minjae liked his steak dinner and liked being able to have as much pop as he wanted!

Minjae is definitely becoming more and more comfortable around us. He goes right into the cupboards at our house and grabs cups for drinks or little snacks. I had to laugh at the wedding reception dinner when I saw Minjae get up out of his seat to walk over and grabs the french fries and chicken strip off Andrew's plate. Andrew was more than happy to share. "You can have all of them!" he said.

One thing Minjae wasn't interested in was dancing at the wedding. Stephanie tried pulling him out onto the dance floor and the poor kid looked so uncomfortable that I walked back our table with him after one song. I'm glad he was got me out of having to dance more!! :)

We stayed overnight at a hotel in Roseville and after the reception all the kids went swimming. Minjae is so kind to Andrew and he let Andrew use his googles in the poor. I felt bad this morning though because I don't think Minjae had enough covers last night at the hotel and he was cold. He slept for a long time though. I've noticed he does this. Maybe it's because he's teenager??

Today (Sunday) Minjae got drug around to the the baseball and soccer fields. All I could say was, "We do a lot of sports huh?" To which Minjae just smiled and half bowed. I did see him off to the side kicking around a soccer ball and throwing a baseball at the fence. He is doing such a great job fitting into our crazy life! I often hope he feels happy here with us. We are so busy and Minjae sometimes has to spend a lot of time just sitting around watching our activities. I'm excited to see how long it will be until he blends in, has his own activities and becomes less of an accessory to the action.

Food dislike....
Ravioli stuffed with mushroom and spinach
Wedding cake

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