Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 9 - Coordinator Visit day

On Monday night our KoAm Coordinator Nicole came to see how Minjae was adjusting to life with the Balvins. She also wanted to do some goal setting with him.  I guess, while Stephanie was meeting with her, all the kids were having a Nerf gun war outside until Nicole and Stephanie made them all stop for a picture.  Minjae looks so happy in this pic. 

The other two Korean boys in the picture are Adam and Alex. They are adopted and live in our cul-de-sac. The younger one in the red shirt likes to bake and he delivered us this amazing apple pie a few days after Minjae arrived. Let me know if you want to order one and he'll make one for you as well.

We got some great feedback from Nicole. She told us that Minjae feels well cared for and is happy with us.  He's not sure if he likes school yet, so he's still deciding (typical 7th grader).  He likes our food, and thinks the kids are funny.  He mentioned that Izzy is very kind to him. I am so thankful for how well this situation is going. As you can tell from the picture Andrew has absolutely no problem breaking through cultural barriers and making friends! 

Minjae is now working on deciding which after-school activities he would like to participate in. This is a requirement for his exchange program. When I came home from work yesterday he was shooting hoops outside so maybe he will join the St Dominic basketball team. Minjae likes to really think through his answers so he wasn't able to commit to anything while Nicole was there. We'll see in the next few days what he decides.

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