Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 6 - Swimming at the YMCA and a Groom's Dinner

We knew that Minjae was joining the Balvin family during a very busy season of life but "oh man has it been nuts!" Beyond the regular Balvin business, things has been even crazier as we have dealt with our friend Shannon's accident. Going into this weekend nothing slows down.

On Saturday my little brother Jeff is getting married. I am so excited for him and I am especially honored because I will be officiating the wedding. Last night we had the groom's dinner. It was the first opportunity to Minjae to meet my family. Everything went smoothly. My favorite part was watching my Latino brother-in-law use his secondary English skills to communicate with Minjae. :) A Guatemalan and a Korean talking in English at an American groom's dinner. It was awesome!!

Minjae also got to experience American shopping with a Mom and daughter looking for the "perfect dress." Sounds like it was quite an experience. Minjae had more fun watching Andrew and a stranger repeating nodding and saying hi to one another. Andrew continues to be the show-man.

Before shopping yesterday Stephanie took the kids to the YMCA pool in Northfield. The kids thought Minjae's spandex shorts were a bit strange for a swim suit. They had a great time swimming and playing together.

Food Updates
Minjae has been a great eater. I can't imagine how hard it would be to transition into another culture's cuisine like he has. Almost everything we have given him he has liked. Last night at my brother's grooms dinner Minjae really liked the bull bites, pieces of seasoned steak. He has found a couple foods he did not like: flaming hot Cheetos and a granola bar. In both cases he said they were too salty.

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