Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 2 - Church, Baseball, Parade and Target

If you are from Northfield then you know what a chaotic weekend the Defeat of Jesse James Days is. If you are not from Northfield (or you live in a hole in the ground) then let me tell you it is four days of craziness and mayhem capped by a two hour long parade Sunday afternoon that runs from the high school all the way through downtown. I love DJJD and I am happy that Minjae was able to come and participate in some of the festivities.

This morning was Back to School Sunday at Canvas Church. I knew the boys were going to get super cool CANVAS KIDS flat bill hats and I was excited for Minjae to experience our church. Our KoAm coordinator told us about 50% of the kids who come through the KoAm program are Christians and the other half are Buddhist or Confucianist or agnostic/atheist. I was happy to see that Minjae grabbed a NIV from his suitcase and had it with him in the car on the way to church. He and my boys had fun during kids' church time and Andrew and Minjae had lots of fun playing ping pong in between services. I think Minjae was a little confused because the ping pong "table" is actually just a piece of wood with a net stretched across instead of an regular ping pong table. He told Stephanie ping pong is 'different' in Korea than here. It is clear that we need to get a table for our basement! So if you have one you want to donate, HIT ME UP!!

After church Stephanie took the boys home to eat and then to Jacob's fall league baseball game. We learned at lunch that Minjae is a big fan of hot dogs. He ate three of them. I don't think he watched much baseball because Andrew kept dragging him all around the baseball complex to do other stuff. He did ask if it was Little League and he threw the ball at the fence a few times. We didn't get the impression that baseball was something he was very into at home though. Stephanie had to give him some pointers on how to throw the ball.

After Jacob's first baseball game (games at 12:00 and 4:00pm) it was off to the DJJD parade. The plan was to watch from the side of the road but somehow Stephanie, Andrew and Minjae got roped into walking with the St. Dominic's School float. Stephanie asked what he thought about the parade and he said it was "Cool." Then Stephanie asked if it was weird and Minjae said, "Yep!"

Tomorrow life settles into a little more of a routine with the beginning of school. Minjae needed some supplies so they went to Target. Andrew and Minjae had a ton of fun playing with the Halloween costume stuff. They especially liked putting on all the masks. Andrew is having an absolute blast showing Minjae around....or should I say...dragging Minjae around.

We were told by our KoAm coordinator that Koreans can sometimes seem a bit rude until they feel comfortable around you. She said not to expect much physical contact. However in just two days Minjae has been very friendly. He gives Andrew little pats on the head and doesn't seem too bothered by Andrew grabbing his arms to getting up in his space. Today in the church nursery Minjae even picked up a crying baby and carried him over to me.

I am most impressed with how Minjae is getting along with Andrew. Andrew is SO high energy and he's loud and he is always busy, but Minjae has been very patient with him. Stephanie asked Minjae if his little cousin was as wild as Andrew and Minjae said, "No, he is too afraid of his father!" I don't know what that says about me!

Minjae said the strangest thing so far about being here is how 'short' the houses are. He was also surprised to learn that only one family lives in each house. He is used to seeing towering apparent and condo complexities. He told us he lives in an apartment on the 17th floor of a 24 story building.

Oh, I don't want to forget this. We got this text from our Pastor today...
Tiffany asked me if I saw that you guys had gotten a foreign exchange student and I said that I hadn't. Noah [their 3rd grade son] was listening and said..."wait, the Balvins got a foreign exchange student? So do they not have Izzy anymore???" We died laughing. 
 That is super funny.

Minjae didn't eat anything today that he didn't seem to like.
- Honey Nut Cheerios
- Hot dogs
- Jack's frozen pizza
- Steamed broccoli
- Minjae loves Sriracha hot sauce!!!

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  1. I am so glad you are writing all of this down!!! It's such great story material! Jeff's text is hilarious! I can't imagine what a gift this will be at the end of the year, just to see where you've been... so cool!