Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 17 - What Does American Pride Mean?

We were told that having an exchange student would give us the chance to see our own culture through different eyes. I think we had our first experience on this today. Stephanie is a teacher at Minjae's school and she sent me this picture of something Minjae turned in. He was supposed to write a response to this question, "What does American pride mean to you?" It is kind of hard to see so I will retype his response.

I think American pride is mean control the world. Because they can beat all the countries. Then they can make the war or control the other countries war. They use this power for wrong way but this make world cold war. If they use this power for good way the world will be peace.

Jaw dropping isn't it. So insightful. I forget sometimes what a great nation American is and the power we have in the world. I pray that our leaders continue to make decisions to try and better the world and to find peaceful solutions whenever possible. I am grateful for the men and women who serve our country in the military and who do what they can to use America's power for good. This is a great nation, I believe the greatest nation on earth, and we have a great responsibility to use our resources and blessings to help the less fortunate. Not in a global conquest kind of way, but in a way that recognizes and even celebrates the vast diversity of the world and makes it a better place for everyone.

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