Sunday, September 27, 2015

Day 16 - Birthday Parties, iPads and the Blood Moon

Another weekend has come and gone. We had beautiful weather and this was probably the most relaxing weekend since Minjae has come. 

Today was a little bit busier than yesterday. We had church in the morning and Minjae went to first service with Stephanie and I. Then he helped out again in the nursery. We only had three babies so there wasn't too much to do. After church Jacob had a couple baseball games, Andrew had a birthday party at the Northfield Gymnastics Club, and our church (CANVAS Church) had it's 4 year birthday party. 

Minjae did not want to jump around the gymnastics club with the kids. He sat in the lobby instead. I asked him why he didn't jump and he said there were "too many little kids." I don't fully understand what happened. Maybe it was too loud or too crazy?? I'm not sure.

One thing I need to talk with Minjae about is how communion works at our church, to make sure he understands what it is and knows he is invited to participate. One cool thing that happened today was that Minjae got to see 10 people get baptized at the CANVAS birthday party. He told me he'd seen that before but I was glad he got to see it at our church.

Once we all came back home Jacob and Minjae both wanted to chill out a little bit so they grabbed iPads and plopped down on the couch. I think this is how Jacob and Minjae content. Ha! 

As everyone was winding down a neighbor stopped over and reminded us of the Lunar Eclipse/ Blood Moon happening tonight. Of course that meant everyone had to go outside to see it. Once they were out there a spontaneous game of GaGa Ball ensued in the cul-de-sac.

Minjae had a bunch of new foods today. For breakfast he had banana and chocolate chip pancakes. And for lunch he had a BBQ pulled pork sandwich.

We have started instituting some more jobs around the house. With the transition of Minjae coming it was an easy way to add some chores and change our family routines a little bit. All four kids are doing jobs on Saturday morning, and they each now have of a night of the week when they are responsible for the dishes. 

As Minjae's host family for nine months I am not simply his baby-sitter. I am taking on the role of father to some extent and he is taking the position of a son in our family. It is kind of a weird feeling trying to 'parent' Minjae. However, I'm look forward to seeing how this interaction continues to play out in the weeks and months to come.

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