Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 13 - Pictures Before Bedtime

Last night when I went upstairs to pray with the kids this is what I saw. 

Minjae was scrolling throw his camera and showing Izzy and Andrew pictures of his trip last year to France and Italy. The kids were so happy to lay and listen to Minjae explain where he was and what each picture was showing. 

I keep going back to our orientation when Stephanie asked if she should hug Minjae. Our KoAm coordinator told us Koreans are not very 'touchy' until they feel comfortable around you. Looks to me like Minjae is very comfortable with us...well at least he is with Andrew. 

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  1. Oh Andrew! This is so great. That Andrew is such a great kid...I know Minjae just came, and you still have a year, but what on earth is he going to do with Minjae goes home?!! They just seem like bff's already!