Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 1 - Orientation, Airport, Defeat of Jesse James Days

Wow, what a whirlwind of a day. Today we went from a family of 5 to a family of 6.

There has been so much anticipation about Minjae coming to stay with us. I'll have to blog the back story another time. Actually blogging this whole thing just kind of came to me as an idea recently so I haven't been able to completely map it out, but I didn't want to wait to long to begin documenting this. My memory stinks and I don't want to lose any of this experience.

This morning we had orientation at the local KoAm coordinator's house. There was so much information and the boys couldn't focus at all because they were so excited to get to the airport. The KoAm (Korean American Education Alliance) people have been great and so far it seems like they have a really great program going. We rushed right from the orientation to the airport, with Stephanie frantically making lists about all we needed to still accomplish.

The boys waited with a sign for Minjae to arrive. Unfortunately Isabelle couldn't be there because she had her first fall league soccer game today (they won 4-1 yeah!!).

We welcomed Minjae and it was super awkward at first. I couldn't imagine what was going through his mind. He had ridden 14 hours on a plane, was in a completely different world, and was about to leave the airport with people he'd never met or even talked to before. I understood his shyness and quiet in the car. There must have been so many feeling inside him.

Our family was starving so the very first place Minjae stepped down on MN soil was in the parking lot outside of a Chipotle! Yummy! He didn't seem to like the guacamole too much but he definitely liked the hot sauce and tortilla chips. After that we went shopping at Walmart for school supplies and a pair of jeans. He said the American Walmart looks a lot like the one in Korea.

After getting home and giving him a tour of the house we took off again for the Defeat of Jesse James Days bank raid reenactment. Hard to tell if he enjoyed the horses, gun shots and crowds but he said he liked it. Then we played some bingo, ate fried pickles which Minjae absolutely did not like (neither did our kids lol), and Andrew and Minjae rode the ferris wheel. Before we left downtown we watched a very cool juggling show on Division Street.

When we got home it was Mac and Cheese for dinner, which Minjae liked, and salt and vinegar chips which he did not. Somehow Andrew found out Minjae brought gifts for us so we opened those. They were such wonderful, thoughtful gifts. It was very nice of the family to send us some Korean things. I'll have to snap a few pictures of the presents.

After a long day Minjae was so happy to lay down in his bed. Our coordinator told us we needed to keep him up as long as possible so his body can start to readjust to the time change. His home in Korea is 12 hours ahead of us in Minnesota. The poor kid was exhausted and I'm hoping he is able to rest well tonight.

Minjae is already opening up and becoming more talkative, especially with Andrew. Andrew is so excited to have Minjae here and he is talking to him constantly. "Minjae come here..., Minjae how do you say...., Minjae do you like...." It is a complete bombardment of curiosity and love which seems to be ok with Minjae. I have caught him smiling a few times at Andrew's excitement and laughter. Jacob and Izzy are both excited too. I would say that Day #1 has been a great success.


  1. I"m so glad you're blogging about all of this! I'm excited to keep reading along. What a huge first day in America. I bet he sleeps hard tonight. I'll pray he does.

  2. This is so exciting! I'll be following too! Jess

  3. This is so exciting! I'll be following too! Jess